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Hank J. Clarke is a premier, full-service criminal defense attorney, who takes pride in representing his clients with integrity, professionalism, and tenacity. From homicides to misdemeanor drug possessions, from state court to federal court, no case is too big or too small. He will proudly stand beside you and guide you from the day of your arrest through the day the jury reaches a verdict. He offers a full range of payment options for all types of budgets.
Being charged with a crime is serious business. You deserve a serious advocate to protect your rights and ensure the right verdict. Let Attorney Clarke put an NG on the scoreboard for YOU!
Call Attorney Clarke for a consultation TODAY.
Jury Trials


Attorney Clarke is one of the finest trial litigators in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania as he has amassed an 80% acquittal rate in criminal jury trials during his career. 


If you are in need of an attorney you can trust to zealously protect your Constitutional rights, Hank J. Clarke is the answer.


Plea Negotiations

How do you turn a sure loss into a win? Through skillful plea negotiations with the prosecutor. 

Attorney Clarke is renown for his ability to keep his clients out of prison, even when facing the most serious of criminal allegations. 

Drug Court

Do you have an addiction to drugs that is ruining your life and the lives of those you love? Do you want to get clean, but don't know how? Then, drug court may be for you!


You'll be admitted to a rehab and then, placed under the close supervision of the drug court Judge for a minimum of 14 months, but you'll have the opportunity to get clean, find employment, and have your charges dropped.

Contact Attorney Clarke to find out if you qualify.


Juvenile Justice

Don't let one mistake ruin your child's future. Juvenile crime will follow him/her all the way to adulthood, if not handled properly. Colleges, the military, and employers all require criminal history checks, including juvenile records. 

Many defense attorneys have never stepped foot in a adjudication or disposition hearing. Attorney Clarke is in juvenile court nearly every week!


Entrust him with defending your most prized possession and he will ensure your child can still realize their dreams, even after a brush with the law. 



Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, otherwise known as "ARD", is a pre-trial diversionary program for first-time, non-violent offenders AND first-time DUI offenders. With successful completion, a defendant has their case dismissed and charges permanently expunged from their records.

However, these type of pleas are not merely handed out, but must be negotiated for by a skillful advocate. Let Attorney Clarke help you obtain an ARD disposition today. 




Did your prior attorney botch your trial? Were your Constitutional rights violated? Is your sentence illegal? Attorney Clarke has argued dozens of direct appeals before the Superior Court of Pennsylvania and had certiorari granted in many matters before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. 

Attorney Clarke would be honored to review your trial transcripts and case files to see if there were any appealable errors made during the course of the investigation, apprehension, arrest, prosecution, or sentencing in your case. 

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