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Probate and Estate Planning Services

Hank J. Clarke provides a menu of Estate Planning services beginning with his full-spectrum Family Wealth and Wellness Consultation, where he will take you through each painstaking step to responsibly plan for your own demise. Death comes for us all, but it doesn't have to take your family's financial security with it. You can choose the plan that is right and affordable for you. 
You spent your entire life working and saving for you and your family's future. Don't let it be siphoned away by the state and federal government. Plan ahead. 
Call Attorney Clarke for a consultation TODAY.
Last Will and Testament


Don't let the archaic rules of Intestacy determine where and to whom your hard earned money and property will go. Plan ahead. Write a Will. 


From simple mirror Wills for married couples to complex Wills for those with businesses and investment portfolios, Attorney Clarke has you covered. 


Trust Preparation

Do you want to ensure your young children can afford to graduate from college, even after you're gone? Do you have an elderly relative that will need to be cared for both physically and financially? 

The Law Office of Hank J. Clarke can guide you through preparation of a trust that can sustain your loved ones for years to come

Powers of Attorney


Who will pay the mortgage if you become incapacitated? How can your family access your money to provide you with the care you need to survive?

Appointing a Power of Attorney for Financial Matters will bring you peace of mind that medical and household bills will not stack up while you recover from injury. With one simple document, you can prepare for the day that you cannot handle your finances alone . . . on YOUR OWN terms. 

Healthcare Directives

If you are unable to make decisions regarding your healthcare, who do YOU trust to make them? With a healthcare directive, you can choose WHO directs the doctors in the event you are not physically or mentally able. 

Attorney Clarke can help you keep decision-making authority where it belongs . . . in the hands YOU choose. 



529 College Plans

Looking for a low cost, low risk way to save for your child's college education. A 529 Plan may be the answer!


Call Attorney Clarke to find out if a 529 College Savings Plan is right for you. 

Will Contests

Does something smell fishy about a loved ones' Will? Did they change their estate plan on their deathbed and leave everything to their home healthcare nurse? Does the signature on a Codicil not match the primary Will?

Ask Attorney Clarke to review questionable estate documents to ensure the law has been followed. If not, he is experienced in contesting testamentary documents to protect the rights of the rightful heirs.

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